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St. John
Lutheran Church

The congregation of St. John Lutheran Church is close knit (approximately 225 members), welcoming, friendly, and actively involved in the life of the church.

Visitors are always encouraged and welcomed.

The congregation of St. John Lutheran Church is a community of diverse talents and backgrounds, gathered around the Word of God and what He gives in Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

From the Pastor

Pastor Duke

Back in the olden days, when we were young, it used to be that certain mysteries were left undiscovered. Babies, when mommy began to swell, were an unknown inside there: is it a boy or is it a girl? Grandmas chatted with each other and chattered about it all the time, over tea, of course, or maybe coffee, and grandpas walked around with chests puffed out, puffing on cigarettes or pipes, eyes aglow like children as they daydreamed about baseball mitts alternately with pretty dresses. And then, after the inevitable long labor, the proclamation: “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!”

Alas, for most of us, that mysteries is now uncovered early so that we can buy the right things.

There are arguments about mysteries, of course. I noticed it in my many days of teaching–the mysteries of the presence of God–there are arguments about these things, and it seems to me that the arguments revolve around what to do. “How shall we then behave?” The argument then descends into a childish prattling over when to bow and when to scrape, and how many bows should be counted, and how many scrapes shall be counted, and the measure of your piety will guide the number of your bows and scrapes, and then the bows and scrapes will increase the measure of your piety in return so that you can perform more rows and scrapes. In the blink of an eye, the mystery has disappeared.

“Pastor am I supposed to bow when I approach the alter?” Pastor: “Pff…. heckifeyeknow.” He said he doesn’t know! Is…. is he a real pastor?

There are mysteries, see, a few big ones, like the boy or the girl cooking mommy’s tummy, mysteries like baptism and communion. How does ordinary water save me from my sins? How does ordinary water put me in the death of Jesus? How does ordinary water put me in the resurrection Jesus?

I don’t understand.

It’s another mystery of the presence of God who makes promises by his own life, then dies, then rises, then hides. But he leaves his promises behind so that we might marvel over them, wondering about those promises with joy and wonder, as we used to do in the olden days: “Is it a boy or girl?” Now we wonder: what’s it like to rise from the dead?

“His Witness Is True”

That you may believe

Our Mission Statement

We, the members of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Youngstown, New York, are dedicated to the worship of the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We believe the Bible was written by the inspiration of God and are committed to spreading this Word throughout the community and the world.  With the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we will continue to grow in our efforts to bring others to know of His unfailing love for His people.